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Indigenous Knowledge

CollaborationConsisting of Aboriginal allies, scholars and team members, we seek to work with Aboriginal communities and partners to advance resilience through holistic understandings of Indigenous Knowledge (IK) and respectful sharing with knowledge holders. Focusing on ways of knowing – the processes and methods regarding how we come to know – (IK) informs and contributes to many of our projects and is a key component of our transdisciplinary approaches.

For instance:

  • We have developed a maple syrup values model and a maple practices workbook specifically informed by, and designed for, Aboriginal maple producers
  • We have documented historic Aboriginal maple practices and explored the impact of colonization on cultural practices such as maple production.
  • We were involved in developing the Aboriginal Disaster Resilience Planning Process, https://adrp.jibc.ca/. We are currently undertaking two follow up projects.
  • Brenda Murphy co-chairs the Aboriginal Resilience Sub-Working Group for Canada’s Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction and the Aboriginal Disaster Resilience special sessions at the Canadian Risk and Hazards annual conferences.

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